Find out how eat stop eat works

how eat stop eat works

All you need to know: how eat stop eat works

When it comes to weight loss, many theories have been put forward, tried and tested. And most have proved to be quite successful. Much focus gets placed on the diet; what to eat, what not to eat and the specific quantities that should be consumed. In Brad Pilon’s eat stop eat plan, the emphasis weighs on what time the food gets consumed. His plan explores the theory of periodic fasting. Pilon reveals that periodic but brief regular fasts can assist in weight loss and maintenance of muscles better than dieting programs that cut the consumption of certain foods. This intermittent fasting can also reduce the risk of chronic eat stop eat works

How eat stop eat works

The plan recommends fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week. It means a complete break from food for about 20-24 hours. A few points worth noting;

  • Fasting should not be done on consecutive days.
  • One should not fast for more than twice in a week as this creates a high-calorie deficit in your body which would not be so healthy.
  • Men should eat about 2500 calories and women, 2000 calories for the days right after the fast.

During the fasting hours, Pilon recommends only consumption of drink and beverages such as plain or sparkling water, diet soda, coffee or just tea. But after the fasting, you can eat what you choose. It should, however, be a reasonable amount since taking too much of food can quickly render the eat stop eat exercise useless. One doesn’t necessarily have to avoid carbs to create that balance of energy levels in the body. About 20-30 grams of high-quality protein every four to five hours for a total of about 100 grams daily should be taken in. Vitamins are highly recommended, and on non-fasting days, one should engage in muscle building exercises and those that promote the resistance of the muscles.

Pros of  how eat stop eat works

Among the benefits of adopting this plan are;

  •  Eat stop eat is a competent weight loss plan for it reduces the by asset amount daily.
  •  Retention of muscle mass.
  •  Periodic fasting leads to lower risk of chronic diseases in animals, more research being carried out on humans.
  •  Reduced inflammation and cellular ‘cleansing’ are other possible merits of using this plan.
  •  The Eat Stop Eat program is straightforward and can be easily interpreted.

Cons of how eat stop eat works

The Eat Stop Eat routine does have drawbacks, however, and may not be for everyone.

  • The Eat Stop Eat plan may adversely affect your social life as it interferes with regular social interactions like meals with friends and family.
  • May have side effects like headaches and irritability.
  • Not feasible for persons with diabetes, pregnant women or those with eating disorders like bingeing.
  • The plan does not give the specific diet plan for the non-fasting days, and this may be a challenge to those who need guidance on this area.


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