Ab Workouts For A Flat Stomach


Ab Workouts For A Flat Stomach


The abdominal muscles of the human body are arguably the most attention-grabbing muscles around. Many wish they had a well-defined stomach, but those same people often dismiss the possibility for a number of reasons. However, with regular Ab workouts, the washboard stomach is not only achievable but does not require a Herculean effort either.


For those who are in relatively decent shape, developing a well-defined abdomen does not have to include excruciating pain. A simple and steadfast approach is generally all that is required. Exercising with regularity is a definite key to success. For most people, doing a combination of sit-ups and crunches may be enough to produce astounding results.


Another important part of the abdominal exercise regimen is to start off slowly and gradually increase repetitions and intensity. The idea is to first develop the discipline of working out the abdomen on a daily basis. It could be as simple as doing 10 crunches to start off the day. Making it easy at first will help one establish the habit. Once the daily habit has been firmly established, one can then begin to add a repetition or two each week. Soon enough, the ab workouts will be sufficient enough to bring about some noticeable physical changes.

Ab Workouts

Even if one is somewhat overweight, a flat stomach is not out of the question. The same slow and steady approach can be applied to cardiovascular exercise. While beginning an abdominal exercise regimen, one can start a light walking program. Again, starting out easy is key to avoiding discouragement. Adding a minute or two on a weekly basis to the length of a walk can make a big difference in helping peel off the pounds.


Once the habit has been established and some kind of regular exercise has been incorporated into daily activities, the abdominal muscles will likely become increasingly pronounced. Along with sit-ups and crunches, one can work on exercises that focus on the oblique muscles.

One does not have to belong to a gym to do Abs workouts. Sit-ups can be easily done by securing one’s feet under a couch or sofa. By taking the feet out from under the sofa and putting one’s legs on top of it, crunches are simple to do. Finally, oblique exercises can be effected by standing in an upright position, clenching the abdominal muscles, and leaning to each side in alternating fashion. On top of it all, these exercises do not involve much expenditure of time.


Whether one does this kind of abs workouts at home or at a gym makes no difference. One common suggestion is to make the ab workouts exercise the first exercises of the day or routine. Many people, unfortunately, tend to put this off until the end. And, as is often the case, they end up not doing them due to fatigue.


So for effective Abs workouts, starting off slow and easy is a big key. Furthermore, slowly increasing repetitions over time will help one develop more defined abdominal muscles. Finally, targeting the stomach before any other muscle group will increase the likelihood that one stays the course.




Plank ups one of my fave ab workouts bc they look so easy but then bitches hurt ok.




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