15-Day Di.et Plan – Weight Loss Formula


    15-Day Di.et Plan weight loss formula


    Are you looking for a weight loss formula that actually works to lose the weight fast, healthily and for the long-term?

    Something that doesn’t break the bank! And doesn’t keep you coming back week-on-week, month-on-month.

    Does that sound unbelievable?

    These are the radical claims of Di.et… Let’s dig deep into these claims and check them out with a critical eye.

    Di.et – 15 Day Weight Loss Formula

    Di.et plan is a weight loss program that claims to help people lose up to 15lbs (5-15lbs to be more precise) in those first 15 days.

    What’s more they 100% guarantee their results! – that’s right – if you follow their plan and don’t lose that weight they promise to give you all your money back, with a smile.

    Pretty impressive…

    IF it works.


    For Real? Lose 15lbs in 2 Weeks?

    My focus is your success, your health, your breakthrough, confidence and freedom. There are so many weight loss programs and ‘experts’ out there, making unrealistic claims.

    When I see ‘lose 15 lbs in 2 weeks’ headlines anywhere I personally tend to cringe inside! Is this another gimmick? Too good to be true?

    So when I do look I tend to come with some stringent criteria to be met, together with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    Is it a healthy process and lifestyle they are promoting? What are they advocating? Lose weight fast they say  –  but how?

    Crash dieting? Starving? Liquid diets? The mind boggles.

    So here is a healthily skeptic’s review of Di.et…

    (I should note that I have not purchased this product or tried it, however I have had a thorough look at their claims and their online literature, and base the following review on those.)

    Almost the First Thing I Noticed…

    One of the first things that I love about the Di.et plan is that they are offering a full money back guarantee for anyone who follows the plan and doesn’t lose 6-15 lbs in 15 days. And this offer is available for a whole 75 days.

    This demonstrates a certain degree of confidence from the company in their weight loss formula. And it means you can’t lose out financially. They are not just after your money! (See I told you I am a skeptic by nature.)

    Who is This Weight Loss Program Designed For?

    • This is not only for meat eaters. It is designed with variations in the recipes and food plans creating both vegetarian and vegan diet plans for weight loss
    • Men and women (not pregnant) who are over 18 looking to lose weight fast for a specific event, like a wedding, holiday which is just a few weeks away
    • Those who need to see results fast to keep motivated
    • People wanting a healthy weight loss program

    Their website informs me that Di.et

    • Is designed by an ‘industry leading personal trainer/nutritionist’, tested rigorously for thousands of hours and scientifically proven. So if all that is accurate information and I have no reason to doubt it, I like the level of professionalism
    • Promotes real food found in the grocery stores and not ‘processed liquid shakes’ or the such, full of chemicals and the result of processing
    • Involves a multi-faceted approach, eating well, optimising metabolism, energy and exercise.

    They have a very clear, easy to watch video on the website homepage which does a great job of presenting their philosophy, where they are coming from. I recommend watching this and reading all their information.

    Weight Loss – a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

    An early recognition in their video that the weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars and the powerful emphasis that it actually does not serve the weight loss industry well for you to lose weight successfully!

    This may come as a complete surprise to many who have never considered the financial impact on weight loss subscription services, clubs etc if they were successful. These ventures are often geared to keep you hooked, dependent and coming back for more week after week.

    I appreciated the honesty expressed here, the fact that Di.et emphasise this. I recognise the truth of what they say.

    Five Pronged Approach

    The Di.et weight loss formula offers five guides which are included for you to work through and follow.

    1 Introduction Guide 

    Aimed at preparing your mindset, creating your ‘wellness vision’. And preparing you for what is entailed during the 15 day weight loss diet and workout plans.

    Mentioned in the video and literature is the fact that we need to know what motivates us to make changes, assess what obstacles we might face and plan strategies to overcome them.

    I agree, mindset really is of paramount importance in changing our habits, eating or otherwise. So addressing this full on is essential for success. This step is worth lingering and revisiting regularly.

    Observing ourselves and our behaviour, what we do and checking in to see actually why we do certain things is extremely powerful.

    I am encouraged to see this step in the program clearly and as a foundation to it.

    Acknowledged is the fact that this is hard work but this preparatory step will be essential to success.

    When I radically changed my diet I did so without a preparatory stage and it was tough. I later realised my mistake and now recommend thorough preparation both physically (filling the cupboards with foods that are in line with the change) but also mentally (recognising the impact the change will have and preparing for that).

    It is also highlighted throughout the literature that losing ½ – 1 lb/week, as on many weight loss programs, can actually make it very difficult to maintain motivation, and that to see faster results is inspiring and more motivating.

    2 Diet Guide

    Effectively a 15-day weight loss diet plan – Di.et is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan, although it will require hard work and effort on your part.

    As I discussed above, preparation can be everything in changing the way we do familiar things, like eating, shopping exercise, living… so included in this guide are meal plans, shopping lists, what to eat, how much and when. It says it is all clear and transparent, no room for confusion so you really just go through the steps (adding in the hard work) and get the results.

    This degree of done-for-you simplicity must aid success for many in my opinion, and again I am glad to see such meticulous attention to detail.

    Hopefully in the preparation phase you are encouraged to be kind to yourself, and any tips to build in a little flexibility may be gratefully appreciated, for those moments when ‘life happens’ during the following 15 days.

    Teaching is included to explain how these strategies are scientifically working, and why they work to help you lose weight fast and successfully.

    This too I see as valuable and necessary in a comprehensive and sustainable weight loss formula. Whatever progress is made needs to be maintained and continued in a healthy way. Education is fundamental to this.

    I was initially concerned to check out what kind of nourishment would be advocated.

    Would there would be some type of processed own brand product in there? From what I have seen there isn’t. The literature reassures me that it is real and healthy food which can be bought at your local grocery store. This is of primary importance to me because real food is as it is grown or raised, not as it is processed within a factory plant.

    Health is key. Not just weight loss, but healthy weight loss.

    Without actually purchasing the product I cannot see specifics but somewhere in the information I saw that they utilise low carbohydrate, low calorie meals within the 15 days and also teach about short-term fasting and kick-starting the metabolism.

    Why Low Carb You Might Ask?

    Digestible carbohydrates (pastas, breads, cakes, potatoes, rice etc) are basically made up of sugar molecules.

    When they are digested by the body they are broken down to the sugars

    • This causes the blood sugar to rise
    • This in turn leads to a release by the pancreas of insulin to help the body stabilise the blood sugar
    • The insulin transports the sugars to the cells for energy and
    • Helps to convert surplus to glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver

    However there are finite storage places in the liver and muscles and when these are full the body conveniently converts excess sugars into body fat and stores it! Primarily under our skin, around our middle and around our organs.

    In our high carbohydrate standard western diet, this is suspected by many to be a major cause of obesity and excessive weight gain.

    A high carb intake also impacts the body on other ways

    • As our body seeks balance we can find ourselves on a ‘blood sugar roller-coaster’. Eating something high in sugar leads to a raised blood sugar and a subsequent drop in blood sugar a while later as the body seeks to redress the balance. This in turn can be experienced as a craving for something sweet, a pick-me-up. People can believe they are addicted to sugar but actually their body is just seeking balance. That said sugar can also be highly addictive.
    • Stress on the body
    • Cortisol and adrenalin released in response to stress.

    3 15 Day Weight Loss Workout Plan

    This is described as an ‘exhaustive guide to training and exercise for weight loss’ to help increase the weight loss and Di.et say this is key to their program and can even ‘double your results’ as compared to just following the diet plan.

    This is not about going to the gym or signing up for anything, just short bursts of high intensity exercise that they teach you that you can do at home, and while travelling. A complete program of the exercises for you to follow each day.

    Again I would just be careful about suddenly introducing high-intensity exercise and advise talking this through with your healthcare professional especially if you have any health conditions.

    It may not be what you are used to thinking about as weight loss exercise. They explain that some exercises are powerful for burning fat while other forms are much less so. The program here will teach you step-by-step how to incorporate fat-burning exercise into your lifestyle.

    4 Supplementation Guide

    This guide teaches us about the various supplements available to people trying to lose weight fast so you can choose whether you wish to use them, and which ones might be right for you.

    They recommend two products of their own, but state these are not essential for the weight loss to be achieved. My personal feeling is to exercise caution with supplements, be educated in their usage and check with a healthcare professional about their appropriateness for your individual situation.

    The Cleanse Tea is a combination of senna leaf, yarrow and cleavers, and will cost £24.95 (at time of writing)

    Capsiplex Sport is a combination of capsicum, vitamin B3, L-arginine (an amino acid), piperine and caffeine, currently costing £39.99.

    5 Maintenance Guide

    Di.et describe this as possibly the most valuable part of the program.

    Although this starts out as a 15-day weight loss plan to lose weight fast, you are provided with an ongoing maintenance program so the weight won’t creep back up, and at the same time you needn’t feel restricted.

    It is definitely the case with most weight loss systems that the majority of people tend to regain the lost weight and then more on top.

    So if Di.et have cracked this particular nut they have a rare thing of value, almost priceless!

    In the FAQs Di.et say that for those who wish to repeat the 15-day plan for accelerated weight loss again, you can do so with the suggestion that you have 7 days in between the cycles.

    Extra Resources

    The Di.et weight loss formula is a complete program but has several additional resources available for those who choose,

    • The two supplements mentioned above.
    • The Di.et Recipe book, which has 100 healthy recipes which fit into the maintenance stage.

    Helpful Website

    Have a look at their website and in particular the FAQs, for lots of useful information. They also have a chat box which I used and received instant responses to my queries from a real person!

    The purchasing of Di.et appears simple. Buy online and it is all delivered to as a digital copy, delivered within 2 minutes. You can print it off, or access it on any device from the list including your phone or PC.

    Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German too.

    Di.et Disclaimer

    Please note their disclaimer found in the FAQ

    ‘Please note: Pregnant and breastfeeding women and those under 18 years of age should avoid the diet plan. If you are currently taking any prescription medication or you have any pre-existing medical condition, you should consult your medical health professional before starting Di.et’s Plan.’

    And as always my advice is to be safe and it is always advisable to check with your healthcare professional before making big changes to your diet or exercise regimes.


    So this skeptic has almost turned into a raving fan, all-be-it without actually trying it.

    Things I most like about this weight loss formula include

    • That real, unprocessed food is advocated
    • It has been developed to keep people healthy, motivated and engaged for the long-term
    • It appears to be as done-for-you as it can be, you just have to add the physical application (no guess-work is required)
    • It is multi-faceted, and includes looking at motivation, self-sabotaging patterns and strategies to overcome
    • It is inexpensive and guarantees your money back if the results don’t follow the process
    • The variations allow it to be both a vegetarian and vegan weight loss diet plan, not one just restricted to meat-eaters.

    What I don’t like

    • That I haven’t actually seen it in action

    That’s all I have found to put in this bullet-point! So if you purchase the program and have a go, please leave your feedback in the comments below and let us know what you think.

    I was going to say there is no one thing that works for everybody so that could be a negative, but they have covered that too – for those it doesn’t work for, they can get their money back!

    In Conclusion

    Di.et is a step-by-step lose weight fast program with details to follow meticulously on eating and exercise, making great claims. It promises to educate and support you through the fast weight loss, and to successfully keep it off.

    The hard work will obviously be following it, although they seem to have gone to great lengths to maximise and optimise your efforts.

    At half price (at time of writing) at only £35. And with a full money back guarantee which extends for 75 days I am not too sure how you can go wrong with this weight loss formula.

    I would so love to hear how you get on with Di.et if you decide it is for you. Is it as wonderful as it seems?